Bal Carrelage, a subsidiary of the Ballıoğlu Group, is a brand that continues the construction tradition started in 1990 in France, extending to Turkey, through the production of ceramics, tiles, wall tiles, and floor tiles.

Under the guarantee of the Ballıoğlu Group, we offer our customers unique interior design solutions by combining aesthetics and quality.

The Ballıoğlu Group, a construction company founded in 1990 in France, has been active in Turkey since 2011, having completed numerous construction projects across the country. Ballıoğlu Construction, always prioritizing customer satisfaction, has firmly established its place in the sector with various projects such as residences, business centers, and industrial zones.

As a member of the Ballıoğlu Group, Bal Carrelage specializes in ceramic production. With our products including tiles, tiles, wall tiles, and floor tiles manufactured in our factory, we add value to your spaces. Successfully led by the second generation of the group's family members, our company maintains a leading position in the sector thanks to innovative approaches.

Within the wide range of services of the Ballıoğlu Group, as Bal Carrelage, we have a team that has adopted aesthetics, quality, and customer satisfaction as priorities. With years of accumulated experience, we aim to provide the most suitable solutions to meet our customers' expectations.

As part of the extensive sphere of activity of the Ballıoğlu Group, as Bal Carrelage, we also stand out with our aesthetic touches. Proud to be one of the leading construction companies in Turkey under the Ballıoğlu Group, we are pleased to offer our customers personalized and high-quality ceramic products.

Explore your spaces with us and enjoy an aesthetic touch under the guarantee of the Ballıoğlu Group!"



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